2 pigs dancing with joy!

TP and Ronny dance with joy!

The Fabulous Bush Pigs book “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE!” has arrived!

Let’s all dance with joy!

Get the books posted or emailed from this website:
See “Book” page on this site for details.


Dymocks, Southland, Cheltenham
Minotaur Books, Elizabeth St Melbourne.
All Star Comics, 53 Queen St, Melbourne
Collins Books Bacchus Marsh
Broadford Newsagency, Vic
Barham Newsagency, Vic
Roma Newsagency, Roma, Queenland


Don’t miss them! Limited supply already.

cheers Al Rose

Fabulous Bush Pigs book in ebook form!

Hi Y’all!

The Fabulous Bush Pigs book “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE”…
supplied as a screen readable PDF! Yoiks!

The book will be supplied as 2 large PDFs.
These can be emailed to you on receipt of the payment of… wait for it…

Aust$11 gst inc.. (Or roughly US $8.25)

Wholly MacIntosh Batman!

Keep an eye on this Blog Hole for updates!

Book printed and will be ready Mon! Woo Hoo!


Book countdown… 3!




No 77 Stage Diving 2

OK gang. The Scramtamulous Fabulous Bush Pigs book is within a whisker of arrival!

“Yippee! About flippin’ time!” I hear you cry.

Don’t forget the book has high quality printing. Not like these low res samples.

For cost and delivery details go to the “Book” page on this website…

Get in early. Very limited initial run.

Here is the 2nd in the Menopausious Stage Diving series!

Woo Hoo! See ya’s pardnas!




TP misses end of stage trying to Stage Dive

Stage Diving 2

No 76 Stage Diving 1

OK we’re in the home straight!

“The Fabulous Bush Pigs” “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE”, book is at Printers!!
The Country and Western music playing band of bush pigs are nearly in book form.

Yee Ha!

Only a limited number of books available this printing.
May not be available in bookshops.


128 single strips PLUS 15 unpublished double deckers (which are probably some of the best ones!

PRICE a low low Australian $17.60 gst inc! This book is 4 years in the making by jingoes!
(plus postage, details to come)

Meanwhile here’s another teaser… number 1 of the great Stage Diving series

So the countdown restarts… 6!

TP practices Stage Diving in dirt

Stage Diving 1