Vague Harry 5

Here’s the voluptument 5th in the “Vague Harry” series.

Here’s the voluptument 5th in the “Vague Harry” series!

Buy Book 3 “The Missing Pig”.
The complete short story here along with double deckers not seen anywhere else!

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Vague Harry sings his song... "who are all these people".

Vague Harry 5

No 77 Stage Diving 2

OK gang. The Scramtamulous Fabulous Bush Pigs book is within a whisker of arrival!

“Yippee! About flippin’ time!” I hear you cry.

Don’t forget the book has high quality printing. Not like these low res samples.

For cost and delivery details go to the “Book” page on this website…

Get in early. Very limited initial run.

Here is the 2nd in the Menopausious Stage Diving series!

Woo Hoo! See ya’s pardnas!




TP misses end of stage trying to Stage Dive

Stage Diving 2