David Bowwowie 2

David Bowwowie chews arm of interviewer
Pig Dog 3

The second in the armalicious “Pig Dog” series.

Don’t forget the Fab Bush Pigs Comic.
Donald Trump said about the Fab Bushies comic…
“It’s probably the greatest comic in history since Abe Lincoln’s comic “Let’s go to the Theatre”.

32 page Fabulous Bush Pigs colour comic
The Fabulous Bush Pigs COMIC AD

Vague Harry 5

Here’s the voluptument 5th in the “Vague Harry” series.

Here’s the voluptument 5th in the “Vague Harry” series!

Buy Book 3 “The Missing Pig”.
The complete short story here along with double deckers not seen anywhere else!

Contact through this website:
the fabulousbushpigs.com

Vague Harry sings his song... "who are all these people".

Vague Harry 5