Burrow 2

Here’s the second in the psychothrillic “Burrow” series.

I don’t know if Bush Pigs live in burrows but hey… artistic licence, right?!!!

The first Fabulous Bush Pigs comic is getting closer!
Not quite at the printer… but nearly!

pig stands in small burrow

Burrow 2

Burrow Party

Here’s the next Flambottimous Bush Pigs cartoon strip.
It’s 1 in a series of 3.

The 1st Fabulous Bush Pigs COMIC is off to the printer soon!
Price will be $8 + postage.


NEW STORIES include 3 full Fab Bush Pig stories:
– The Ghost Singer
-The Lemonade Festival
– The missing Pig

PLUS 2 Web Boy stories:
– The Beginnings
– The Interrupted Email


party in small burrow

Burrow 1

No 249 Emergency Phone 4

OK, back to No 249!

Sheesh the “Virus” series has gone on for 17 weeks!

For all of the “Virus” series, look out for the latest comic coming out soon from Nat Karmichael.
It’s about surviving Covid.
That includes the last 3 strips not published here.

 minor emergency phone is small

Emergency Phone 4

The FIRST COMIC of The Fabulous Bush Pigs

Coming soon…

THE FIRST COMIC for the Fabulous Bush Pigs.

Stories include:
* The full “Ghost Singer” story
* The entire “Missing Pig” story
* The full “Lemonade Festival”

colour comic cover to first Fabulous Bush Pigs comic, pigs stand-in on ant hill

Fabulous Bush Pigs comic #1















and the Warrior of the Technological Age…

Web Boy logo sm

Stories include:
* “The Beginnings”
* “The Interrupted Email”

$8 plus postage

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