Pigs at the bog hole


9 thoughts on “Archives

  1. hi al my name is curtis i am the young boy who saw you in Apollo bay and i bought a comic and after i read it i thought is just fabulous P.S i love the comic and book marks

    1. Hi Curtis. Thanks for contacting me. Great you liked the comic and bookmark. Sorry I’ve been slow in replying. We only got back to Melbourne yesterday and I don’t look at my website much when we’re away. Let me know your favourite bits. If you follow my website I send out a new strip each week. If you go to: https://thefabulousbushpigs.com/how-to-draw-characters/
      there are How To Draw The Character sheets. Did you see all the strips in Archives? There are lots of strips that have already been published. Let me know what you think. I’m just finishing off the next comic. It might come out after Xmas. It will have a Fabulous Bush Pigs story called “Night of the Zombat” and a new Web Boy story.
      Thanks for writing and feel free to contact me if you’d like any information on anything else

  2. Hi Al
    Did you have a fun Christmas?
    I am looking forward to reading the Zombat comic it sounds really funny and cool.
    My favourite part of the comic was when they were looking for the missing pig and the missing pig found himself😂
    And I would love some Simpsons drawing sheets.
    I am going to try drawing TP today
    Thanks for contacting me

    1. Great you liked the comic Curtis. The next comic is nearly ready to go to the printer. I’ll let you know when it’s available. We had a great Xmas Curtis. I hope you and the family had a good one too. I’ve emailed you some “How 2 Draw Simpsons sheets. Let me know that you received them OK. We’ll be at the market in Apollo for the first fortnight of February. Maybe we’ll see you there. cheers Al Rose

    2. Hi Curtis. How are you? Sorry we missed Easter this year because I was ill.
      Fabulous Bush Pigs Comic #2 “Night of the Zombat” is definitely at the printer. Hopefully I’ll have copies in a week or 2. cheers Al Rose

    3. Hi Curtis. The Fab bush Pigs Book 5 and comic 2 are available from – thefabulousbushpigs.com or APOLLO BAY Trading Post or Galapagos Books. Also a few newsagents in Beaumaris, Seaford, Foote St Frankston. My next book has the Fab Bushies filming a surfing contest in the outback! With Kelly The Slater as the main surfer!

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