No 139 Pig TV 3

OK part 3 of the sanctimoctopus series “Pig TV”.

This is how TV is watched in outback Australia… and parts of Chile!;)

This is a 9 part series so hang on to your hats!

Fab Bush Pigs book 2 still available from:

Pig TV 3

Pig TV 3

No 138 Pig TV 2

The hengomarveloid Pig TV 2!
Just part of the hengomarveloid 9 part series  Pig TV!

TV in the outback is a case of MIY, Make-It-Yourself!

Don’t miss the Fab Bush Pigs book 2 –
“This Little Piggy Went Gdang Gdang Gdang”.

“We’re gonna build a huge wall to stop Mexicans reading this book”. – D Trump

Pig TV 2

Pig TV 2