Strong Winds

One of a couple of monotonical single strips.

Some character roughs to come in a new “Border Collie Band” series.
Also more David Bowwowie (The Glam Rock Pig Dog) strips.
You’ll have to contact me about these.
They’re not due to be published for a couple of years yet!

I’ll be selling books, posters and mugs at Bendi Con in Bendigo Sunday 22/9

strong winds bend sign

Strong Winds


No 83 Ice Cream

OK Fabulous Bush Piggers, it’s time to move on with our strips!
Here’s the fatalistic monument to moderation… “Ice Cream”!

“Wow!” I hear you prognosticate!

Let me know what you think.

Bush Pigs books “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE” are still available.
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No ice cream at ice cream stall