Jet Cycle

OK the first after the monumentimous “Paintball” series.

Log is a Jet Bike

Jet Bike



No 198 Vague Harry 1

OK… You asked for it!!!
Well you didn’t but here it is anyway!


My favourite series of all time… like the other ones.

ALSO BOOK 3 of the Fab Bush Pigs is out!
None of these will be put up on this web site for years.

Get it from this web site, Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour,
or Minotaur Books in Melbourne CBD!


The Missing Pig cover

“The Missing Pig” cover

Introducing Vague Harry

Harry 1

No 163 Red Dog 6

OK. The Splendimagnifimouse Red Dog 6! My favourite Red Dog.
Biased of course, but I love this character.
Gotta do some more of him.

Sorry, Only one Red Dog cartoon to come. Don’t miss it next week.

Books 1 & 2 still available. What about getting early Xmas prezzies??

LATE NEWS… The Fabulous Bush Pigs wins back to back Merit awards with a win in the Cartoon Strip section of the 2017 Rotary Cartoon Awards. Woo Hoo. Really, I’m just honoured to be involved with the best cartoonists in the country. These are the premier awards for cartoon freelancers in the country.

Red Dog fights dogs

Red Dog 6

No 142 – Pig TV 7

The topospherical Pig TV 7!
Get into it cos only one Pig TV strip to come.

Pig TV makes:

  •  Married at First Sight look like a stupid made up relationship show!
  • I’m A Celebrity look like a a stupid made up camping show!
  • MKR look like a stupid cooking show!

’nuff said

Pig TV 7

Pig TV 7