Tuning Fork Tree

Tuning Fork Tree
Tuning Fork Tree

A classis scouting skill… look out for Tuning fork Trees…

There are Zombieroos, Zombieplatipi even Zombie emus, but nothing prepares you for…

The new comic… Night of the Zombat!!
Available from this web site or at newsagents:
Brighton North, Beaumaris Concourse South, Foote St Frankston, Seaford, Mentone, Galapagos Books Apollo Bay

Fab Bushies Comic 2 – Night of the Zombat

What happens when you take a zombie wombat to a music gig?

Panel from “Night of the Zombat”

STORY 2 – Web Boy focuses on Low Res Guy
What happens when a low res villain tries to take over the internet?

Panel from “Web Boy focuses on Low Res Guy”

What happens when you take a zombie wombat to a music gig?

The 2 comics plus 4 cartoon strip books presently available at:
– harose@alanrosegraphics.com.au
– Mentone Newsagency, 24-26 Como Parade W, Mentone, Vic
– Beaumaris Newsagency, 2 South Concourse, Beaumaris, Vic
– North Brighton Newsagency, 324 Bay Road, Brighton, Vic
– Seaford Newsagency, 124 Nepean Hwy, Seaford, Vic
– The Lot, 47 Foot St, Frankston, Vic
– Galapagos Books, 77 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Vic
– Lorne Books, 108A Mountjoy Parade, Lorne, Vic

Space 2

gold fish bowl space helmets
Space 2

No 2 in the astrophysicful Space series.

Fabulous Bush Pigs – COMIC 2!


Fab Bushies story “The Night of the Zombat”
Web Boy story “Web Boy Focuses on Low Res Guy”

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