The FIRST COMIC of The Fabulous Bush Pigs

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THE FIRST COMIC for the Fabulous Bush Pigs.

Stories include:
* The full “Ghost Singer” story
* The entire “Missing Pig” story
* The full “Lemonade Festival”

colour comic cover to first Fabulous Bush Pigs comic, pigs stand-in on ant hill

Fabulous Bush Pigs comic #1















and the Warrior of the Technological Age…

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Stories include:
* “The Beginnings”
* “The Interrupted Email”

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No 131 “3 Directions”

A boy band called “3 Directions”… who would have thought?!

Just a reminder that the second fabulous Bush Pigs book is out…
“This Little Piggy Went Gdang Gdang Gdang”.

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Band called Three Directions

Band called Three Directions