The 1st Fabulous Bush Pigs COMIC!

Hi everyone. It’s here at last!

The Fabulous Bush Pigs COMIC!!

Woo Hoo!

32 pages of Fab Bush Pigs fun including never before seen stories:
– The Ghost Singer
– The Lemon Aid Festival

PLUS… The Missing Pig story

AND…introducing WEB BOY!
The superhero of the technological age!

For info on procurement of said comic (pompous style writing), go to:

32 page Fabulous Bush Pigs colour comic
The first Fabulous Bush Pigs COMIC

Start answering the questions that define a generation…
“Where is Rancid Ronny?”
“Can the Ghost Singer actually sing?”
“Who’s coming to the Lemon Aid Festival?”

Hope you check it out.

Al Rose)))))))

The FIRST COMIC of The Fabulous Bush Pigs

Coming soon…

THE FIRST COMIC for the Fabulous Bush Pigs.

Stories include:
* The full “Ghost Singer” story
* The entire “Missing Pig” story
* The full “Lemonade Festival”

colour comic cover to first Fabulous Bush Pigs comic, pigs stand-in on ant hill

Fabulous Bush Pigs comic #1















and the Warrior of the Technological Age…

Web Boy logo sm

Stories include:
* “The Beginnings”
* “The Interrupted Email”

$8 plus postage

Go to

NEW Fabulous Bush Pigs book coming

The first Fabulous Bush Pigs book is finalised! Rough copies have arrived… final art to printer soon… “Golly!” “Gee Willickers!”… (And other captions from 1960’s comics expressing excitement!)

Prices soon! Don’t miss out.

Limited run. Limited outlets. Limited grand launches. The only unlimited thing is the laughs! There will never be a first edition of this book ever again!

Here is a small sample of the cover.

The best place to go for more info the Blog Hole …

Countdown to the book… 8!

Cover of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book

Cover of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book