No 198 Vague Harry 1

OK… You asked for it!!!
Well you didn’t but here it is anyway!


My favourite series of all time… like the other ones.

ALSO BOOK 3 of the Fab Bush Pigs is out!
None of these will be put up on this web site for years.

Get it from this web site, Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour,
or Minotaur Books in Melbourne CBD!


The Missing Pig cover

“The Missing Pig” cover

Introducing Vague Harry

Harry 1

Newspaper articles, Fabulous Bush Pigs

The Fabulous Bush Pigs book is out and about!

Here are 3 news articles in 3 different newspapers.
OK there are a couple of funny misquotes…
– I have to be careful cos I do strips?
– the Poem Saltbush Bill? No the cartoon character Saltbush Bill!!

Still most of it is top (BOG) hole.

Anyway, books left?… 4!

Newspaper Competition

Newspaper Competition

News article in the local paper

News article in a local paper 1

News article in a local paper 2

News article in a local paper 2

Fabulous Bush Pigs book in ebook form!

Hi Y’all!

The Fabulous Bush Pigs book “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE”…
supplied as a screen readable PDF! Yoiks!

The book will be supplied as 2 large PDFs.
These can be emailed to you on receipt of the payment of… wait for it…

Aust$11 gst inc.. (Or roughly US $8.25)

Wholly MacIntosh Batman!

Keep an eye on this Blog Hole for updates!

Book printed and will be ready Mon! Woo Hoo!


Book countdown… 3!




No 75 Classic Books 3

The last of the “Classic Books” series. Oh… that Rancid Ronny! How could he do that to a “Little Sows” book?

Anyway… countdown to the book… it’s gradually coming. A bit slower than planned but the wait will make the arrival all the better!

Countdown… 6.5…!

pig eats book sorry he couldn't eat all of it

NEW Fabulous Bush Pigs book coming

The first Fabulous Bush Pigs book is finalised! Rough copies have arrived… final art to printer soon… “Golly!” “Gee Willickers!”… (And other captions from 1960’s comics expressing excitement!)

Prices soon! Don’t miss out.

Limited run. Limited outlets. Limited grand launches. The only unlimited thing is the laughs! There will never be a first edition of this book ever again!

Here is a small sample of the cover.

The best place to go for more info the Blog Hole …

Countdown to the book… 8!

Cover of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book

Cover of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book