Ghost Gums 2

Ok time for an allthyme classic… the totem… the flagship… THE SIGNATURE of The Fab Bushies!

Merit award winning strip in the 2016 Rotaries Cartoon Awards, Strip section…

Gost Gyms.. er Ghast Goms… GHOST GUMS 2!!!!

Fabulous Bush Pigs Books 1, 2, and 3 available. (RRP $20 ea)
You can get all 3 for $35 + postage.

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hits invisible ghost gum tree

Ghost Gums 2

No 75 Classic Books 3

The last of the “Classic Books” series. Oh… that Rancid Ronny! How could he do that to a “Little Sows” book?

Anyway… countdown to the book… it’s gradually coming. A bit slower than planned but the wait will make the arrival all the better!

Countdown… 6.5…!

pig eats book sorry he couldn't eat all of it