No 168 Charity Gig


OK the Charity Gig series. Man this series is good too!

I’d forgotten about this one.

Xmas ’17 strip on the drawing board.

Have to contact me if you want one!
It will only be available from the website.


No 131 “3 Directions”

A boy band called “3 Directions”… who would have thought?!

Just a reminder that the second fabulous Bush Pigs book is out…
“This Little Piggy Went Gdang Gdang Gdang”.

Go to…

Band called Three Directions

Band called Three Directions

69 Next Band

The nextus spasmagorical espisode in the ongoing legend that is the Fabulous Bush Pigs!

Sorry this is a bit slow coming… The B Pigs had a break from touring!

Book on the way! Final touches to the cover then we’re on our way! Woo Hoo!

Girl pig practises screaming for next band

Next Band