Border Collie roughs

Some Border Collie roughs. New series coming.

They will be seen in 2 years! Unless you contact me via this website.

Border Collie roughs 1

Border Collie roughs 1

Border Collies roughs 2

Border Collies roughs 2

No 174 The Border Guard

OK gang. The end (for now) of the wackisational “Lemon Aid” series.
There might be more coming sometime.

Book 3 coming out this year… 2018! No free offerings of this book so make the most of the freebees coming up!

A year’s supply of weekly cartoons from book 3 will be available on email, at a small cost.
Don’t miss it. This will be the best book yet. Already 3/4 drawn it’s not far away.

Contact me if you want to put your name down!

cheers Al

Border Collie border guard

Border Guard