No 187 Ghost Singer No 6

No 6 in the spectrific “Ghost Singer” series.

Mugs now available from the Fab Bush Pigs Shop.
Both Strip Merit Rotary Award winning cartoons (’16 and ’17) available in Mug form.
That’s “Ghost Gums” and “Pulled Pork”.
Just what you’ve been waiting for, right?

Also posters of 10 of the best Fab Bush Pig strips.
Only 3 of them seen in the books.
Others will only be seen in Book 3, coming soon.

Ghost Singer's haunting quality

Ghost Singer 6

No 33 Singing Spider

Hi y’all!

Thanks to all the bloggers liking posts from The Fabulous Bush Pigs.
Many more to come!

KEEP AN EYE OUT! There are some rippers coming

Here is the first of a series of 4 on the Singing Spider.
Some of you might have seen some of these…
for those who haven’t I hope you like them!

cheers Al

man has singing spider

Singing Spider1