No 71 Alpha Male

OK, the countdown has begun… to the coming of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book! Woo Hoo! Fabulicious!

Book at printer!

For more info and updates, go to the website:

Alpha male and alfalfa male

Alpha Male

No 70 Water Buffalo Shin Dig

No 70 already!

Watch out Gary Clarke … I’ve only got 9,930 more to go till I catch up with you!

Those cockamamie buffalo sure make a loud noise!

Book still coming!!!!

Buffalo dance band hasn't started

Water Buffalo Shin Dig

69 Next Band

The nextus spasmagorical espisode in the ongoing legend that is the Fabulous Bush Pigs!

Sorry this is a bit slow coming… The B Pigs had a break from touring!

Book on the way! Final touches to┬áthe cover then we’re on our way! Woo Hoo!

Girl pig practises screaming for next band

Next Band