No 127 Rex 1

OK folks, we’re on a roll of top cartoon strips here. We’ve gone past the Wondiferous No. 126 “Noisily”, tripped the light fantesticle past no. 122 “The Computer Tip, jumped through the fantasmagorical ” nos. 123 -125 “Grace” “Pyramid” and “Foxhole”. Wow what a run of strips! Now we’veĀ arrived at the Fabootfulness “Rex” series!

Now, I am loathe to put this series out there for free… because it is so good!

OK if you beg so pathetically for it I will! Sheesh! Get a grip!

All these strips 122 – 125 plus the “Rex” series areĀ in the new book coming out in a month or 2!

So look out for it!

pigs look at Rex

Rex 1

No 126 Disturbing the Peace

Here are those miscreants from justice, The Fab Bush Pigs! Judge Bacon will sort them out!

Book 2 of the Fabulous Bush Pigs is on the way.
Still in the design phase but definitely getting there.

All strips in place, 99.9% of the words in place… Woo Hoo!
Keep an eye out in this space, or go to

pigs plead noisily