No 63 Waterbuffalo

looking at stars, a water buffalo appears




Here’s the next Melorific Fabulous Bush Pigs cartoon strip!

Many things block our view of the stars… clouds… smog… large buildings…

Thanks to all the comments everyone. I’m still working out how this “Bloghole” works. Keep the comments coming.

– Top Pig

No 62 Yodel

pig dances and yodels on ant nest







OK the spazmogiferous Helicopter series is long gone… that was a strip ago!

On with the next multilinguous strip… a single.

Hope yas like it.

8 of the fabulous “TV” series nearing completion. Hold onto your hats… they’re nos 132 – 140!

OK a bit away from 62 but heaps of beauties in between!

FABULOUS BUSH PIGS now in 7 WEEKLY NEWSAPERS around the country!

No 61 Biscuits

OK The multifaceted, opinionated conglomeration called the “Helicopter” series has ended!

“Aw NO!” I hear you cry! But cry no more my friends! Here comes some follow up single gag strips.

Each one as creative, bemusing and hilarious as the “Helicopter” series…

Guitar made of biscuit box