Helicopter 4

The freakishly fulsome digest of musical creativity and pig bonding, continues!

The 4th in the tumultuously small “Helicopter” series, is here!

Woo Hoo!

The fabulously wealthy and famous musician (in his mind) is flying his chopper to play music at the gig…


Pig in box pretends it's a helicopter. Ding-o walks

Helicopter 4

No 58 Helicopter 3

The Fabulishistly Modest Proclamation… Here ye… the 3rd “Helicopter” cartoon in the series. Gosh!

All famous musicians fly their own aircraft don’t they? Mick Jagger? Eric Clapton? John Denver? OK… so some of them don’t fly so well!


bird walks past pig pretending box is helicopter

Helicopter 3

No 56 Helicopter 1

Start of the Awesomely Wondrous “Helicopter” series. By popular demand, it’s opening has been brought forward to 2014!

Lookin’ forward to a big year with the Bush Pigs. Now published in 7 regional newspapers around Australia!

Happy New Year y’all!

Pig in box, thinks it's a helicopter

Helicopter 1