No 74 Classic Books 2

Hi guys.

The Fabulous Bush Pigs first book “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE” is still on the way. Just waiting for printing quotes. So countdown has slowed somewhat.

So here’s the next strip in the “Classic Books” series to fill in the time

Countdown… OK… 6.8!

eating books

Classic Books 2

No 73 Classic Books 1

The scabobificus Fabulous Bush Pigs book ‘To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE’ is getting close.

Yee Doggies!

Here’s a taster not in the book. What do Bush Pigs do with a pile of classic books?

The countdown goes on… 7

Ronnie eats Classic Book

Classic Books 1

NEW Fabulous Bush Pigs book coming

The first Fabulous Bush Pigs book is finalised! Rough copies have arrived… final art to printer soon… “Golly!” “Gee Willickers!”… (And other captions from 1960’s comics expressing excitement!)

Prices soon! Don’t miss out.

Limited run. Limited outlets. Limited grand launches. The only unlimited thing is the laughs! There will never be a first edition of this book ever again!

Here is a small sample of the cover.

The best place to go for more info the Blog Hole …

Countdown to the book… 8!

Cover of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book

Cover of the first Fabulous Bush Pigs book

No 72 Circumnavigate

OK gang… the first “Fabulous Bush Pigs” book is at the Printer! Woo Hoo!

128 cartoons… 13 previously unpublished double deckers… over 60 unpublished single strips!

Includes the (much loved!) series: “Blowfly” “Submarine” “Double Headed Singer” “Trombone” “Boghole” and many more!


Here is the stupendmagorical “Circumnavigate”!

Countdown to the book… 9!

Circumnavigate as piece of salted pork