No 154 Trom 3

OK a series of cartoon strips can only get so splendificant. Here is the 3rd in that ground beaking (as in beak) “Trom” series.

Send me a comment or 2 if you’re out there reading these strips.
I hope you’re enjoying them. This one might appeal to our older readers!

There are books still available.

period of world Trom bones from?

Trom 3

No 72 Circumnavigate

OK gang… the first “Fabulous Bush Pigs” book is at the Printer! Woo Hoo!

128 cartoons… 13 previously unpublished double deckers… over 60 unpublished single strips!

Includes the (much loved!) series: “Blowfly” “Submarine” “Double Headed Singer” “Trombone” “Boghole” and many more!


Here is the stupendmagorical “Circumnavigate”!

Countdown to the book… 9!

Circumnavigate as piece of salted pork