No 86 Egg Throwing

OK no 86! Egg throwing! Cmon, we’ve all done it… a pollie who’s lied…

New supply of books has arrived on the docks awaiting customs inspection.
Unless there’s some dodgy Asian foodstuffs in there, they should be out by some time next week! Woo Hoo. Oh dear… there were some monkey brains in there…

crowd throw eggs... emu eggs!

Egg Throwing

No 84 Watermelon

Here’s the second part of the Festival 3 peat, no. 84.
Just like the Hawkers!

Radio interview on Southern FM Friday went well.
Did a bit on Grand Finals I’ve seen live dating back to North Melb finals
in the ’70s.

Don’t forget book still available in a number of different colours…
er… it’s multi coloured.
Go to

Competitions for the book in 7 regional newspapers.
Contact me for details.

Dehydrated watermelon is... melon


Newspaper articles, Fabulous Bush Pigs

The Fabulous Bush Pigs book is out and about!

Here are 3 news articles in 3 different newspapers.
OK there are a couple of funny misquotes…
– I have to be careful cos I do strips?
– the Poem Saltbush Bill? No the cartoon character Saltbush Bill!!

Still most of it is top (BOG) hole.

Anyway, books left?… 4!

Newspaper Competition

Newspaper Competition

News article in the local paper

News article in a local paper 1

News article in a local paper 2

News article in a local paper 2