No 130 Rex 4

Oh well I’ve weakened. Here’s another in the scumbulishous “Rex” series.
The final in fact. I’m sure Rex will make a return some day. I couldn’t hold off showing this one to youse all.

The whole series is in the latest book, “This Little Pig Goes Gdang Gdang Gdang”. It’s still at the printer but I should have copies before Xmas. Orders taken in advance. It’s the same size as the last one… 75 A5 pages with 138 strips. $19.95RRP! But discounted from this web site.

Two of these strips reached the final hanging in the finals of the 2016 Rotary Cartoon Awards in Coffs Harbour this year. Woo Hoo! One won the Merit Award in the Comic Strip section! Double Woo Hoo!

Don’t miss the new series in the book “Red Dog”, “Vague Harry”, “Pig TV” and many more.
A great prezzie for anyone with a bit of country and country music in ’em!

The next strip sent out will be the stewmungous 2016 Xmas strip. It’s a beauty. I’ll send it as an Xmas present to all you legions of Bush Pig fans! Just have to wait till it’s published in the regional newspapers around the country first.

Pigs see Tryannosaurus Rex 4

Rex 4

No 77 Stage Diving 2

OK gang. The Scramtamulous Fabulous Bush Pigs book is within a whisker of arrival!

“Yippee! About flippin’ time!” I hear you cry.

Don’t forget the book has high quality printing. Not like these low res samples.

For cost and delivery details go to the “Book” page on this website…

Get in early. Very limited initial run.

Here is the 2nd in the Menopausious Stage Diving series!

Woo Hoo! See ya’s pardnas!




TP misses end of stage trying to Stage Dive

Stage Diving 2