No 180 Hay Bale Stage 1

Hope you all had an Eater Egg… er… Easter Egg.

The Bush Pigs had a break, but here they come again, in a most exsteamious way.

Hay Bales Stage 1 is the first of the 2 in the series. Phew, that’s 50%! Jeepers!
Never given 50% of a series in one go before!

Book 3 nearing subject finish.
Then it’s only Cover Design, Clean up, PDF Making, Printing… OK there’s still a bit to do!

The FBPs can be seen in Reverie magazine 1, out now!
Go to the Reverie website for details.


Stage made of bales of hay

Stage of Bales 1

No 88 Car 2

Car 2! Amazing what fun you can have in a battered old car wreck!

Don’t forget new arrival of books this week!¬†Especially for the Melbourne Stanley Awards.

Get in fast if you want one!

Wrecked car goes from 0 to 0 in 10 secs

Car 2