Xmas 2017

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all the Fab Bush Pigs readers.
Thanks for coming on the ride.

Here’s a seasonsational festive toon for 2017.

Hope you like it and keep following the adventures of the musical pigs, into 2018.
Got some monsteriferous toons coming!

cheers Al Rose

Bush Pigs Xmas cartoon 2017

Bush Pigs Xmas cartoon 2017

Merry Xmas 2015

A scumptillious and Merry Xmas to all Fasbulous Bush Pig readers.
’16 will be a big year. Stay on board!

Here’s the free strip going to newspapers around Australia that run the strip.

Thanks gang for all the support.

Al Rose

Pigs eat Xmas ham

Xmas Ham