No 90 Croc Bakery

OK Stanley awards are over. Time to get back into some more swinging swinesational cartoon strips!

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Death Rolls in bakery

Death Rolls

No 80 Croc Watching

Only 30 books of the Fabulous Bush Pigs “To Miss Them Would Be UNTHOINKABLE” left!
Don’t miss out! It might take a while if we need a second print.

Meanwhile here’s another croc gag.

Not many more from the book to come.

The next cartoon I post is one of my all time favourite Fabulous Bush Pig gags.
Don’t miss it… and post some comments so I know there are some followers out there.
It’s a lonely world, sitting here drawing cartoons at night, in a damp and cold lighthouse, on a rocky outcrop off the Cape of Good Hope. Wind whistling through the stairwell, 3 metre swells sending spray hundreds of feet into the air, off the jagged rocks that form the only¬†barrier to the cold and angry sea… Gee Alistair Maclean eat ya heart out!

Boat load of crocs watch out for sights

Croc Watching