“The Fabulous Bush Pigs” came to me as a title, as I put normally incongruous things together… “Fabulous” and “Bush Pigs”. Hmmm… Like the name Craig Ferguson first used to do his comedy… Bing Hitler! That was pairing the nicest person he could think of with the worst! Bing Crosby and… well you know.

Anyway these Fabulous Bush Pigs are a trio that play Country and Western cum Folk music. They play a variety of banjos, bush basses, trumpets and drums, though a variety of mics made of old sewer pipes and old cans stuck on sticks.

But their world is more than just music. It is the world of the desert, the outback, the scrublands, the local bog holes and swamps. A world of wrecked cars, rubbish, sparce trees and spinifex spinifex spinifex!

– “TP” (Top Pig) is the fat clueless leader
– “Rancid Ronny” is the older sidekick, always covered in muck and sauce, with a constantly dribbling nose
– “Tank” is the giant Razorback that plays the bush bass and only speaks in snorts and grunts
– Ding-o is the dingo manager of the band

I hope you like this collection of swingin’ flea infested swine!

cheers Al Rose

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